M Chain Official Launching in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • M Chain, the world’s first Nijigen digital platform featuring big entertainment, is officially joining Relianz Chain blockchain ecosystem. Nijigen is the 2D fictional world, or often referred as ACGN (Anime, Comic, Game, and Novel). By adopting Relianz Chain’s 5S technology to tokenize digital assets, M Chain brings huge development opportunities for the Nijigen Market , protecting all known digital intellectual property and thus bringing transparency into the system.

    MOU Signing M Chain and Relianz Chain

    During the launching event, famous vocaloid, Hatsune Miku cosplayer perform a dance with the song “World is Mine”; a famous song sang by the fictional character.


    Founder of Relianz Chain, Dr. Eric Ong says: “Relianz Chain as an innovative blockchain technology, we not only emphasize on developing blockchain itself, but also strive to educate the public about blockchain application. We are also constantly exploring the possibilities of blockchain implementation in traditional and emerging industries”. He also stresses that blockchain is the key to a more efficient and effective system.


    M Chain joining Relianz Chain will lead to a major enhancement in the M Chain system and further expanding Relianz Chain Ecosystem. Relianz Chain continues to create value with their stable blockchain technology, penetrating the international market.

    Event Date: 14 OCT 2018
    Event Venue: Grand Hyatt, KL, Malaysia

    source: https://moneycompass.com.my/2018/10/23/m-chain-official-launching/






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