Strong Alliance: CNO Launches Plan A and Collaborates with TimesEX to Boost Token Economy Era

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    The increase of submarkets developed in the cryptocurrency market has brought about a more diversified user experience and exchange ecosystem. TimesEX, a global exchange established in Australia, has an extensive coverage that includes Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan, to name a few. A number of global mainstream cryptocurrencies can be found traded on its platform; BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, USDT, and many others. It provides safe, reliable, professional, and convenient one-stop trading service.

    A fundamental aspect in the cryptocurrency market is circulation. Anyone with basic understanding of the Internet can tell you that traffic is the core of any online enterprise and of course, Blockchain technology. It is so crucial in Blockchain that in addition to having strategic operations management, the one way to gain an advantage over competitors and win over more projects is through increasing circulation on one’s platform. With that in mind, CNO has come up with an idea, a project that is known as Plan A.

    Seeing that increasing in circulation is an important part to a business model and in today’s industry trend, TimesEx proves to be a strong and qualified party in the support and development of Plan A, which is why CNO has chosen to work with them on the project in hopes of building higher circulation and providing good product service where the needs of all users are met, and thus making Blockchain a universal technology. With a steady stream of high circulation on the new platform, the Blockchain market will be able to expand and evolve even further.

    The Law of Giving and Receiving is a principle Plan A lives by. As the initiator of Plan A, CNO strives to have its users earn more as this is key to its market competitiveness. With the high quality of user assets guarantee, it aggregates wallet, communities, games, market software, and media channels, with the high circulation. TimesEx transfers circulation to the cash. Here, users are able to experience good trading speed and better money-saving options. Plan A innovates the existing Blockchain model which is focus on circulation whereby the CNO quantifies and circulates token value and users are able to trade cryptocurrency, socialise through games, and experience decentralised resource flows. At the same time, a unique invitation mechanism is also launched as a means for the users to promote their communities and product recommendations on social media. This helps in influencing and further expanding the traffic to the platform.

    In the future, with great promotion and continual influence, Plan A will be a powerful driving force in efficient conversion of Blockchain resources for the economy, and will be able to achieve its vision of a win-win situation for all, keeping in mind that “Circulation is King”.

  • Interesting plan. Will wait to see how it pans out.

  • The concept is pretty sound.

  • Sounds kinda too good to be true.

  • We see so many collaborations going on with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

  • Sounds like a solid plan there.

  • @hola55 Same here. Looks like it can bring something new.

  • @supermario From what we see here, yeah. But who knows how they're struggling.

  • @elixir We can only wait and see how plausible it is. Doesn't sound impossible to me.

  • @bell It shows how many companies trust in the technology and wish to incorporate it.

  • Law of Giving and Receiving is a good principle to live by.

  • @harrypotter Sounds like they've put some thought into it.

  • @harrypotter There is always struggle behind something great. Nothing comes easy.

  • @harrypotter I guess so. They are concurrently executing the plan while announcing it. So it's good to go soon I'm sure.






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