Crypto Game Offers Player to Take Part in Universe Creation

  • To date, there have been a wide range of blockchain games offering its users the chance to acquire tokens while enjoying a gripping gaming process. Nevertheless, the majority of the masses is still trying to stay away from such a way of gaining digital assets.

    One reason is that some notorious game developers are not particularly honest with players, and are trying to make a quick profit through gambling tricks and speculation. Another point is that a lot of games incorporate, to a large extent, the features associated with a new decentralized economy, thereby lacking an appealing design and captivating gameplay experience. Moreover, many people are still not very aware of blockchain technology and its true potential.

    GalaxyOne Tech says it intends to elaborate on all of the issues mentioned above. As opposed to many straight-up-luck crypto games with static designs, the company promises to deliver something significantly different. With its main product, the blockchain mobile game CryptoGalaxy, GalaxyOne Tech offers its users not only the opportunity to collect digital assets, but also to apply their skills while exploring the vast universe.

    Setting off on a space mission
    The storyline behind the game spans over 175 years and permeates five consecutive versions of CryptoGalaxy: Genesis, Origin, Tech, War and Revelation. Thus, with the release of each version of the app, players will be able to enjoy new features and investigate how the events in the universe are unfolding.

    According to the annals of the CryptoGalaxy world, everything started on Earth, which was suffering from the shortage of resources. In a bid to search for sustainable sources of energy on other planets, world leaders decided to launch a space exploration expedition. With the passage of time, one spaceship suddenly stumbled upon an unknown galaxy.

    As it turned out the newly discovered galaxy was composed of 4,100 master planets and numerous minor planets. Some of the planets appeared to be resource-rich, as they possessed some unknown minerals that could be converted into energy. Therefore, dozens of spaceships were sent from Earth to mine the resources hidden inside these planets.

    In the currently available CryptoGalaxy 2.0 Origin, players are able to explore the unknown planets, dig for minerals and become genesis planet owners. As mineral mining requires specific skills, CryptoGalaxy 2.0 provides players with a know-how guide that teaches them how to collect the valuable resources.

    The revenue from mineral mining can be converted into tokens suitable for trading in secondary markets. When a player becomes a planet owner, he or she can be paid by other miners for digging minerals on his or her planet. Users can also collaborate with each other through GalaChat, and trade their resources and assets in the Galaxy exchange store — a decentralized exchange.

    The main in-game asset that can be both mined and refined from other minerals is dubbed GOLD. In total, its supply in the game equals 21 million and its value is backed by a strategic investment fund.

    CryptoGalaxy 3.0 Tech is scheduled for a public release in the first quarter of 2020. It will feature an encounter with an alien civilization, commercial trade and technological empowerment. The gaming process becomes more thrilling with the discoveries of an inhabited planet as well as the emergence of new mining bots and recorders with encrypted content. In further versions of the game, players should be prepared for war and the establishment of their own personalized culture.

    Taking part in the game’s creation
    Right now, the userbase of CryptoGalaxy comprises players from 128 countries located in five continents. As the company reports, the crypto game can boast more than 100,000 registered wallet addresses.

    GalaxyOne Tech says it puts a lot of effort into the development of “eye-catching design and convenient user interface.” For instance, the unique characteristics of the planets, such as color and physiognomy, are made using the Unity 3D and AI technologies.

    As opposed to most crypto games, in which gamers play only a passive role, CryptoGalaxy says it gives everyone the chance to be engaged in the in-game content creation and modification of the game’s plot. The company also notes that it encourages designers, indie developers and players to share their ideas on the evolution of CryptoGalaxy — and to get rewards for their contributions.

  • While it sounds interesting, you'd have to try it for yourself before you know how it pans out.

  • More and more games like this are being created.

  • So they dubbed the main asset as GOLD. How convenient.

  • That's something new. Gamers actually have a hand in the creation. How fun.

  • It's terrible when game developers try to trick players and profit off of them.

  • It's true. Many do not know blockchain although they've been using their technology.

  • @hola55 yup. You can promise all you like, but if you can't deliver, it's a different story.

  • @supermario Some are dupes though.

  • @elixir why? because gold is the ultimate investment?

  • @bell It is. Developers are indirectly using gamers for their ideas and inputs.

  • @harrypotter Absolutely. They're so willing to hurt others just to gain a quick buck. And when they're displayed as the bad people, they play victim.






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