89% of Chinese blockchain companies are more interested in crypto

  • Nearly 90% of all Chinese blockchain companies have tried to release their own digital assets, according to an executive at a blockchain association.

    Blockchain companies more interested in crypto than blockchain
    As reported by a state-operated CCTV on November 21, the head of Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association (BBAA) claimed that the blockchain industry in China is more interested in digital assets than in distributed ledgers. The report also included a study that was conducted by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).

    Other than PBoC, five financial companies contributed to the “Bluebook on Blockchain.” These include the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Payment and Clearing Association of China, the Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association and Social Sciences Academic Press.

    The report revealed that there were nearly 28,000 blockchain firms in the country. The report claimed that only 4,000 such companies were focusing solely on the blockchain. Meanwhile, 25,000 firms were trying to issue their own digital currency.

    The report showed that blockchain companies were concentrated in the Guangdong and Shenzhen province. The Guangdong province housed nearly 50 percent of all blockchain companies.

    Chinese blockchain efforts
    China has been promoting blockchain adoption in the region, mainly to promote their central bank digital currency. President Xi Jinping called on people to embrace the technology earlier this year.

    However, China has a “Blockchain not Bitcoin” policy that seems to be making things easier for blockchain to thrive yet, at the same time restricting crypto assets. The country does not encourage crypto trading and has taken action against firms facilitating it. Reportedly 39exchanges were found guilty of violating China’s crypto trading ban in Shenzhen province alone.


  • So they see a more lucrative aspect in crypto than blockchain.

  • China is already barely using any physical currency.

  • "China has a “Blockchain not Bitcoin” policy that seems to be making things easier for blockchain to thrive yet, at the same time restricting crypto assets."


  • 25,000 firms trying to issue their own digital currency? Damn...

  • Blockchain not Bitcoin. What a policy. Why not promote both instead of limiting one.

  • Somehow not that surprised that the majority of blockchain companies there have already released their own digital asset.

  • @hola55 There is value in both. They just kinda value one over the other.

  • @supermario it's so advanced there in terms payment. Makes you use money coz you don't really feel the outflow.

  • @elixir It is, isn't it. They so openly against Crypto, it's kinda peculiar.

  • @bell With how popular crytpos are now, it.comes to no surprise.

  • @harrypotter Xi doesn't want to relinquish control. It's what he lives for.






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