What is S Block?

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    S BLOCK Digital Wallet is an industry leader in technology and experience as a new wallet.And it’s also the super traffic entrance of the digital world, as it has been an indispensable part of the blockchain industry.

    As an industry supporting facility in the early days of the industry, lack of S BLOCK has great potential in the future.The S BLOCK digital wallet emerged in the industry growth period also has extraordinary potential.

    S Block Wallet launched on 16th June 2019. The official launched is on 22nd June 2019 in Singapore World Blockchain Forum with 5,000 attendees from all around the world.

    The company has already begun opening offices in 15 countries (this is growing rapidly). They have obtained financial licenses in 8 countries including New York, Malta, Australia and Switzerland.

    The company offers a basic earning for storage of coins in their multi functional blockchain wallet. The wallet has a multitude of features which includes OTC peer-to-peer capabilities (buying BTC from each other for example). It also gives you an earning of 6% to 15% monthly in tokens but paid everyday and it also pays for your network of investors.

    The business model is similar to Plus Token which launched at USD 0.40 cents ans is now trading at $130. S Block launched its token at US$1.00 and with 15 Days it Reach to US$1.77 and Today Price Is USD 2.086 (08.07.2019). S Block Token supply is only 680 million.

    With a projection of about US$100 million in investors per day, they expect their token to rise meteorically and be priced like BTC or BCH. There is a chance it could rise to US$10 in the next month

    This is an opportunity of a lifetime. While there is no limit to an how much you wish to store in their wallet, the minimum amount you must maintain to earn daily tokens is $300. Thus rather than store in one of your other wallets, it is incredibly rewarding to simply store your tokens with S Block

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