S Block Introduction

  • S BLOCK is a fast growing digital asset management platform specially developed for the sector chain industry. This fast-growing platform aims to serve the digital financial ecosystem and will be commercialized in the near future. The company has excellent corporate culture and leading technical experience. S Block will become the market leader in the block chain industry.

    S BLOCK digital wallet app will be launched synchronously in more than 20 countries, causing strong repercussions in the market. It is reported that October and December of the same year will also be launched on their exchanges and stabilized currencies. As a startup, why does S BLOCK show its edge?

    The core team of S BLOCK comes from the world’s top schools, with rich block chains and knowledge reserves in the business field. Ivan, CEO of S BLOCK, served as CEO of Goldfinch Network and Elevenbots. In addition, he is an outstanding entrepreneur and investor. He was the CEO and co-founder of STOBox. These experiences have accumulated rich business, block chain technology, marketing and legal expertise for him, making S BLOCK more skilled in capital raising and market development.

    1. The valuable digital wallet. Digital assets will be managed by Wall Street’s top quantitative funds, which can generate sustained revenue. In addition, S BLOCK will also make precise investments in high-tech fields and block chains with Stanford University, MIT and Cambridge University to ensure the sustainability and stability of earnings. Compared with the traditional mainstream digital wallet imToken, Coinbase, Blockchain and so on, it can be said that blue is better than blue.

    2. The safest digital wallet. Digital assets stolen frequently in mainstream exchanges. As a palm digital bank that regards security as its life, the product of S BLOCK app is more thorough in decentralization. The wallet’s private keys are generated locally, mnemonics are stored locally, and signature transactions are done locally, using the world’s leading security technology provided by the military. Top technology and the escort of top talent make the S BLOCK better in security.

    3. The top digital asset wallet. S-BLOCK not only supports the mainstream encryption currencies such as BTC, ETH and DUSD, but also supports dozens of other minority encryption currencies, and cooperates with the main node to launch a variety of stable, high-yield and low-risk node currencies, and plans to achieve full coverage of future encryption currencies; S-BLOCK also cooperates strategically with a number of world-class exchanges to achieve rapid Trading and management of digital assets; The unique payment system that has been developed will connect virtual currency and physical applications. S BLOCK has complete functions, convenient transaction, and also has the characteristics of openness, transparency, freedom of access and high security. Users can transfer digital money in and out of the platform without any restrictions.

    S BLOCK’s Vision

    S BLOCK regards openness, fairness, win-win and sharing as its corporate culture. It is committed to building an open and fair block chain community, realizing win-win with customers and sharing development results with customers. In order to further improve the ecological layout, maintain and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the next S BLOCK will continue to go online under its exchange, stable currency and other projects, and ultimately form a sound digital financial ecological system.

    No matter how fierce the market competition is, S BLOCK will go all the way and strive hard. With the top founding team, excellent corporate culture and leading technical experience, SBLOCK will be able to ride the storm and become the industry leader.

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