What is S BLOCK?

  • S BLOCK is a fast-growing digital asset management platform developed for the blockchain industry. This rapidly growing platform aims to serve the digital financial ecosystem and will go commercial in the near future. The company has an excellent corporate culture and leading technical experience. S Block is all set to become the market leader in the Blockchain field.

    The initial core functions of S BLOCK include multi-currency cross-border remittance based
    on cross-chain technology, multi-currency savings and loans. S BLOCK constructs a layered
    system consisting of gravity mapping, S Pay, Wormhole Encryption, Masternodes and an open platform for Dapp smart contract developments. The comprehensive system facilitates the provision of a smooth and effortless user experience, while guaranteeing information security, the coherence of financial service thinking and the holistic support network. The profit model of S BLOCK is rationalized by replicating and optimizing traditional financial service scenarios, and subsequently disrupting the monotonous profit model of traditional digital currencies.

    In the long run, S BLOCK aspires to become an integrated super-community that incorporates all major decentralized autonomous communities, providing highly convenient and secure encrypted transaction network. Leveraging on the Wormhole Protocol and the two Interstellar contracts, S BLOCK aims to build bridges of trust between traditional financial services and decentralized communities, amplifying the values of certain subject matters. Consequently, S BLOCK aims to upgrade and perfect the decentralized financial ecosystem.

    In terms of operations, starting with the multi-currency on-chain wallet, S BLOCK will support multiple functions on the multi-currency wallet to appeal to a broader audience while honoring the principle of decentralization. In the meantime, years of experience in financial services and invaluable resources, coupled with advanced technology, enable the Interstellar contracts to forge strong partnerships and make mutual gains possible. “More extensive and inclusive” is the ultimate pursuit of cross-chain technology.

    Relying on a thorough understanding of the financial industry, and the relentless pursuit of
    liberalism, S BLOCK constructs a brand-new trust system with cross-chain technology without compromising the positions of its stakeholders. Subsequently, S BLOCK will push for a more holistic development of online communities based on innovative design concepts, and the implementation of an ecosystem for wider profit gains. S BLOCK is destined to bring financial freedom to billions of users.






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