Swiss Management Expert S Block Unveiled At Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit

  • S Block attends the Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit held in Malta on May 23 and 24.
    S Block, the Switzerland-based value added digital assets wallet and powered by the industry’s leading technology, was a prime attendee at the Malta A.I Blockchain Summit which was held in Malta on May 23 and 24, 2019. The CEO of S Block, Ivan Bolonikhin delivered a speech at the Summit.

    “We are happy to announce that S Block was one of the key participants at the Malta A. I and Blockchain Summit held on May 23 and 24 in Malta,” Ivan Bolonikhin, the CEO of S Block says. “The objective was to share information about the advancing technologies in the blockchain industry and leveraging the same in the financial industry. Malta has established itself as the Blockchain Island with the government now focusing on a national legal framework for Artificial Intelligence that will be hosted during the summit attracting more and more companies to the island.”

    The Malta A.I and Blockchain Summit attracted over 5000 attendees, 300 exhibitors, 700 investors including the world’s leading brains in both A.I. and blockchain industries.

    The event also saw the presence of Scott Stornetta, the father of blockchain, Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, the Winklevoss twins, Malta’s Prime Minister the Hon. Joseph Muscat, Abu Dhabi’s Royal Highness, and the legendary John McAfee.

    The S Block team was headed by CEO Ivan Bolonikhin who delivered a speech on the Summit. The S Block project is being watched with keen interest by the blockchain industry as it has a different approach driven by its ground-breaking technology. S Block is a value added digital assets wallet with the trading aspect managed by a premier Wall Street organization that guarantees sustained revenue generation.

    According to the company, the impregnable safety of S Block is based on a proven security technology developed by the Swiss military and acclaimed as the best in the world.

    S Block scores over others in the user-friendly aspect also and can support the mainstream as well as niche cryptocurrencies. With strategic cooperation with the world’s leading exchanges already in place, S Block is sure of accelerating the accuracy and speed of digital assets transactions.

    S Block is attending the summit as the company’s long term objectives are in sync with the goal of the summit. S Block is committed to improving the use of blockchain technology in the financial industry.

    The S Block project is expected to impact the blockchain industry in a big way according to industry observers and experts. It will promote the maturity of the use of blockchain technology, reform the financial model in the traditional sense, and create a new model that creatively combines innovative blockchain and finance.

    About Blockchain & A.I. Malta Summit:

    The Blockchain & A.I Malta Summit 2019 was held on May 23 and 24 at Malta and saw the presence of over 5000 attendees, 300 exhibitors, 700 investors, and the best brains in A.I and blockchain industries from all over the world. The event also brought together thousands of investors and innovators in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.






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