S BLOCK Rewrites The Future Of Digital Finance

  • In 2018, the industry outlet on the digital asset wallet attracted widespread attention from the public. In 2019, how to further develop the digital asset wallet became the focus of the industry. CEO of S BLOCK, Ivan, who has personally experienced the development of the blockchain industry, clearly has his own unique views. How does the digital asset wallet develop in 2019? Based on the underlying technology, which applications will be implemented? Which business sector will take off at the moment?

    Find the right position and accelerate development

    After gaining experience in many industries and observing the industry model, Ivan finally chose digital finance, from participating in early blockchain project investments to participating in the S BLOCK team. In Ivan’s view, S BLOCK is a one-stop digital asset management platform for the blockchain industry, serving the digital financial ecosystem, with commercialization as the main goal in the future. Future blockchain development should identify its own positioning and apply it to the industry. Even if the project has a first-mover advantage, it will take 5 to 10 years of development and market adaption. All kind of digital evolution will ultimately conform to the commercial nature. For those who have not yet joined the market, there are still many opportunities in the right now.

    Based on our understanding, there are merely technical team have really developed the fully functional digital asset management platform with the theory, however one of which is the S BLOCK digital asset wallet.

    S BLOCK’s short-term goal is to get the project done, to advance the work in an orderly manner in accordance with the product and business plan, and to create better and more profit for investors within the scope permitted by laws and regulations. The long-term goal is to contribute to the development of digital technology, improve technology and enhance the security of wallets, so that people can enjoy better financial services in production and life.

    For the development of the entire market in 2019, Ivan believes that the new wave of bitcoin opening blockchain has ushered in a digital financial explosion, but bitcoin cannot solve the speed problem, and the blockchain needs new development. At present, the blockchain has been implemented in many fields. In the future, the industry should pay more attention to how to realize the blockchain take-off, that is, to implement more digital financial-based application scenarios in a wider field.

    Long-term development planning

    S BLOCK is positioned as the world’s leading one-stop digital asset management service tool, building the world’s largest and most decentralized community system through the use of the world’s leading blockchain technology. S BLOCK digital assets wallet is the key research and development product of the first phase of S BLOCK project development. More future research and development tasks are mainly focused on improving the community infrastructure, allowing more DAPP builders to join, so that there are more decentralized applications that really serve people.

    S BLOCK and masternodes work in depth and share common data, introducing a variety of stable, high-yield, low-risk currencies. S BLOCK is negotiating a partnership with a well-known third-party overseas insurance company to escort the digital assets of S BLOCK wallet users and will offer a variety of digital currency insurance products. In addition, S BLOCK exposes a third-party DAPP application interface that allows users to access any third-party content, such as e-commerce, entertainment, gaming, and social applications, through the DAPP Application Center. Decentralized S BLOCK has a natural foundation of trust. The DAPP application built on top of it covers the real life scenes of consumption, financial management, life, communication, etc., bringing tiny and beautiful changes to the world, and building a one-stop scene platform of blockchain world for every user.

    S BLOCK plans to start in the second half of 2019: online exchanges and stable currencies to form the S Block ecosystem. Therefore, S BLOCK will hold the global blockchain innovation competition, blockchain hackathon competition, and the TOP10 project selection competition of blockchain, to establish the blockchain industry alliance in the world and establish a global quality community. S BLOCK firmly believes that digital finance will be an important track for the next generation of blockchain industry revolution.

    Prospective to the future

    S BLOCK is actively deploying the global digital financial ecosystem to become the digital world portal for 100 million users worldwide, including cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, stable currencies, digital asset investments, payment and linked entity applications. In the future, S BLOCK will open up exchanges, digital special economic zones, foundations and other businesses, and continue to expand the global territory.

    While expanding the scale of its global business, S BLOCK will continue to improve its core technologies to ensure the security of its wallets and provide users with convenient digital financial services. In the future, BLOCK will continue to cooperate with blockchain technology experts from top universities around the world to build a secure, credible, open and efficient digital financial ecosystem.






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