S Block (SBO): Blockchain to transform with the launch of groundbreaking digital asset wallet

  • Amidst the digital financial explosion, blockchain technology is facing a host of new challenges from security threats to a lack of commercially-minded technology features.

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    These are just some of the issues Ivan Bolonikihn and his team are tackling with their new digital asset management platform, S BLOCK, in a groundbreaking move that’s poised to transform the industry.

    Unveiled in May at the second Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, the platform will be the world’s most extensive and most decentralized community system utilizing leading blockchain technology – as well as military-grade protection – to deliver the world’s most secure, transparent and stable digital asset wallet. With a core team from the world’s top universities, S BLOCK’s innovations will address many of the issues plaguing cryptocurrencies today.

    “The blockchain field has seen a series of highs and lows in a pretty short period, creating a sense of high volatility,” says Ivan Bolonikihn, the COO of S BLOCK. “S BLOCK strives to be different, and we are succeeding in our efforts as can be seen from the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received during the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit. We have a core team comprised of the best brains in the industry, which gives us an inherent advantage.”

    Following his experience across a variety of industries, COO Ivan Bolonikhin identified a gap in the industry and chose digital finance, as he believed in the potential of the blockchain technology to build an open, secure, credible and efficient digital asset ecosystem.

    With over $356 million stolen from exchanges and infrastructure in the first three months of 2019, security is one of the most pressing issues facing the market today. S BLOCK is engineered to provide a more secure trading experience by leveraging leading end-to-end cybersecurity technology, most commonly used by the military-grade technology. By having all sign-ins and sensitive personal information stored locally, and with information only accessible by the user, digital assets have little risk of being compromised.

    Cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing high volatility, both in returns and inconsistent transaction speeds. According to Ivan, the potential exists for blockchain to answer this need, but technology must evolve to serve financial applications better to be more reliable and commercially sound for investors.

    “Bitcoin opened up blockchain technology to the world, but Bitcoin alone hasn’t provided solutions to the challenges investors face, say with transaction speeds. New technology development should be paired with a commercial mindset to realize this,” says Ivan.

    The platform also provides investors with access to mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Digital USD (DUSD), as well as niche cryptocurrencies, to better democratize market access for investors. Ivan and his team have also entered into strategic cooperations with the world’s top exchanges, to accelerate transaction speeds and ensure efficient management of digital assets.

    Ivan’s ambition is to acquire over 100 million users worldwide for its digital financial ecosystem. Ivan will also host a variety of events to encourage innovation, including a global blockchain innovation competition, blockchain hackathon competition and top 10 project selection competition for blockchain technology.

    “Digital innovation and stable coins form the backbone of a strong blockchain ecosystem. By encouraging this through our events, we want to build a global blockchain alliance and develop a high-quality community dedicated to cryptocurrency technology,” says Ivan.

    S Block digital Asset Wallet is set to hit markets in late 2019

    About S BLOCK
    S BLOCK is a fast-growing digital asset management platform developed for the blockchain industry. This rapidly growing platform aims to serve the digital financial ecosystem and aims to go commercial by the end of 2019. With an excellent corporate culture and leading technical experience, S BLOCK is poised to become the market leader in the blockchain industry.


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