Integrating Art, Gaming And Commerce Through Blockchain

  • An innovative project called PixEOS is pioneering forward as the “first arts and games smart economy on the EOS blockchain” where creativity and marketplaces collide. While receiving fair compensation for their unique talents, the PixEOS platform offers creative minds and collectors a communal ecosystem where artistic souls can coexist, collaborate, and develop together. It delivers on the collaborative experience by means of a game driven economy in which everyone can interact with one another on an innovative pixelated canvas.

    PixEOS is creating a Dapp with new features including a profit-sharing system, an Auction House for patrons of the digital arts, and an Art House where various Creative Media and Visual Art projects can be commissioned as it builds on the success of other pixel art games.

    Contributors can collaborate together on a single canvas where players can paint pixels over the work of their counterparts so that the combination can become a living, evolving piece of art. Artists are given the freedom to explore the digital landscape and work together to create a masterpiece. There are 1 million pixels available on each canvas.

    Each finished canvas is “immortalized in a blockchain gallery and becomes a valuable non-fungible token (NFT) that can be bought as a collectible, sold, and traded” as soon as the game ends. PixEOS will also host an Auction House on its platform, allowing collectors a chance to purchase their favorite canvas and own a piece of digital art with a secure provenance record traceable on the EOS blockchain. The sale of each NFT is automatically and fairly distributed to contributing artists.

    The PixEOS paint game will soon be available worldwide and is anticipated to be ready in Q1 2019, marking the official launch of the platform. PixEOS will be a place, as an artist collective, for both established artists and newcomers to take part in a shared communal economy that supports and uplifts those within. Artists cannot simply be expected to survive on exposure and need to pay their bills to survive. By providing several platforms, PixEOS is giving artists the freedom to create their creative work, while interacting with a community that will share ideas and helps them improve their creative efforts.


    A Thriving Ecosystem That Empowers Artists

    Ultimately, the goal is to create a blockchain based digital art marketplace where the art rights can be sold/bought for use or collection. PixEOS’s intention is for its NFT token standard to be published to allow interactivity with other Dapps and platforms in the EOS ecosystem. This will allow artists to create, submit, and convert their digital art into NFTs on PixEOS so that they can reach a wider range of audiences. PixEOS empowers talented individuals by tackling issues like proof of authorship, and counterfeiting. The team is certain that their platform will make it easier to provide proofs of authenticity for both digital and physical works.

    PixEOS also plans to host a digital storefront where artists can put their work on various pieces of merchandise and profit from the sales in addition to the Auction House as well as an Art House. Here patrons can commission individual artwork, prints, customized sticker sets, logos, gifs, a banner, and or any other creative service. “You can hire one of the featured artists or content creators and support the artist's community on the EOS ecosystem,” the team explained.

    It's All About the Community

    PixEOS is supporting a thriving environment whereby members can make new friends and inspire one another while partaking in a ground-breaking and disruptive new blockchain based art project. Taking a leaf out of the meritocratic philosophy of Burning Man, PixEOS gives all participants a fair chance to reap rewards. Some of the PixEOS Featured Artists are members of the community who have demonstrated extreme dedication to the project in support of the new decentralized art platform.

    PixEOS Featured Artists work collaboratively to make the pixEOS project as awesome as possible. They make stickers, graphics, designs, cartoon avatars, 3D art, paintings, and/or any other interactive inventions to help drive creativity and inspire one another and newcomers to the platform. They help to foster an ethos of nurture for inventive new art concepts by sharing and collaborating on different artistic ideas.

    PixEOS developers decided to build on the EOS blockchain to create an easy onboarding experience for their users. PixEOS is able to offer users the native attributes of EOS, including easy to read 12 character account handles, zero in-platform transaction fees, and high-speed transaction throughput. These factors work together to create a hospitable environment, resulting in a simplified, stress-free, and streamlined experience.

    Kicking Off With A Contest

    PixEOS, with partner support, is soon to announce a new art contest which will be the biggest collaborative effort undertaken in the EOS ecosystem thus far. An international panel of renowned juries will join the top personalities in the crypto and arts scene and convene to present and judge the world’s first PixEOS Physical Art Installation Contest. Top selected artists will receive support with materials and execution, and a generous EOS prize will go to the winner with a matching amount going to a charity of their choice.

  • Interesting. The arts is getting more attention and opportunities with this.

  • The paint game seems like something for users to look forward to.

  • Sounds intriguing. Something new every day.

  • It's nice that they attached charity donation together.

  • @supermario It does, right? Pretty innovative.

  • Oh, an art contest with support.

  • @bell More and more games will be produced from this.

  • @supermario Yup. It will be interesting to see the further developments on this.

  • @bell More games, and maybe different applications.

  • @supermario Oh yes, people would definitely be interested to see what comes out from this.

  • @bell This sounds promising enough "create a hospitable environment, resulting in a simplified, stress-free, and streamlined experience."

  • @supermario oo, but are games really stress-free though?

  • @bell Games can actually be good. I've read on an article that mentioned surgeons who played games were better at their jobs

  • @supermario Oh really? That is fascinating. Why is that so?

  • @bell When they play games, they use a lot of focus. So they incorporate that in surgery

  • @supermario Oh, that actually makes sense. I guess it's time for us to play more games?

  • @bell It could help greatly in even daily life actually. By increasing focus

  • @supermario Time to buy a PS4. Haha

  • "An international panel of renowned juries will join the top personalities in the crypto and arts scene and convene to present and judge the world’s first PixEOS Physical Art Installation Contest."
    That's must be quite the event.






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