Dubai telecom company du to develop blockchain solution for patient safety

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    Dubai-based telecom company du has entered into a partnership with blockchain healthcare solutions company Dhonor HealthTech to develop the UAE’s first blockchain solution for patient-centric safety verification, Unlock-BC reported.

    The project would mark the latest use case of its Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS), which was announced in October 2018 in collaboration with ConsenSys.

    du’s BPaaS is a cloud-native blockchain infrastructure that can provide private blockchain networks with a high level of customization, support multiple consensus algorithms with monitoring, managing capabilities, and smart contract capabilities. It will enable users to create blockchain networks and deploy and run their use cases using intuitive user interface (UI). It supports Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric v1.3 frameworks.

    “BPaaS provides immense scalability, compatibility, and cost efficiencies, but it also ensures high security and transparency of sensitive data,” Jihad Tayara, Vice President Business Development and Partnerships- New Business & Innovation, du, said. “…we are proud to implement the next deployment of BPaaS within the healthcare sector where it will contribute towards saving countless lives and raising the quality of care that patients receive.”

    The new solution will be designed on the BPaaS which will help provide authenticity and compliance tracability. In addition, blockchain technology would help ensure immutability of data, thereby giving various stakeholders access to reliable information, such the origin, state, and viability of use, for medical products.

    According to the report, the solution is based on NFC tags standards that will help verify the authenticity of blood bags and pharmaceutical products across the medical supply chain.

    In this way, the solution will ensure patients’ safety and address the problems of counterfeit medications and wait times for trusted blood bags faced by patients.

    “The need for transparency and visibility to verify the authenticity and condition of the medicines that patients’ lives depends on is essential. By adopting blockchain into our everyday operations, this will be an important step towards the digitisation of the UAE’s healthcare sector and revolutionise patient-centricity,” said Wassim Merheby, Dhonor Healthtech, CEO and Co-Founder.

  • It is very reassuring to see more and more effort are put into safety.

  • @hola55 Indeed. Transparency and high security are absolutely essential.

  • Giving patients further chance at better healthcare.

  • Trying this out firsthand has got to be very inspiring.

  • @supermario Customisation for healthcare is a good step. Everyone ails differently, so hopefully it helps a lot.

  • Compliance tracability is something many tend to not focus on but should.

  • Good to see that cost efficiency is among the positives.

  • @elixir I know right. The benefits would be so great. But the maintenance would probably be very difficult.

  • @supermario Absolutely. Maintenance is always key, that's why it is so essential that it is done frequently.

  • @elixir They should have proper support on that.

  • @supermario I guess they will. How else would it be able to be used.

  • Healthcare needs all the help they can get. It's amazing to see patients' safety is taken more seriously.

  • If this can revolutionise the healthcare industry, all the more it should be developed and promoted.






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