Samsung are a further step closure in integrating crypto and blockchain technology

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    • Samsung filed a trademark form with the UK IPO office, as they seek to launch “Samsung Crypto Wallet”.

    • This suggesting the electronics giant are close to integrating blockchain technology into their future devices.

    Samsung, electronics giant, are set to launch their own blockchain and cryptocurrency based smartphone. They are in the process of obtaining a trademark in the United Kingdom for Intellectual Property Office.

    In terms of the trademark filing, it details that Samsung are considering integration of a cryptocurrency wallet, to slot into its smartphones. As a recap, there was previous speculation that suggested Samsung had plans to include a cryptocurrency cold wallet in its Galaxy S10 phone. Separately, in December 2018, Samsung had filed three trademark applications for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency software in the EU.

    Further within the filing, which was seen last week, with the United Kingdom IPO, which is the office that approves or disapproves marks and business names, backs the above speculation. It detailed that Samsung are seeking the approval for the “Samsung Crypto Wallet” trademark, to facilitate a crypto wallet within their electronic devices.

  • Oh, it's really happening now.

  • @hola55 yeah, they're really moving forward with their plans on the e-wallet.

  • Wonder who will follow Samsung next.

  • Curious as to how its interface would look like.

  • Is Apple going to follow suit? They love having their users on exclusive access to just their products and services.

  • @supermario Funny how they literally named it 'Samsung Crypto Wallet'.

  • @hola55 They probably want it to be remembered easily, so they just took on a literal name. Apple would probably name theirs iWallet.

  • @supermario how predictable, huh. But that also shows how much of an impact they have on society for us to be able to think of it






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