Malaysia Opens First Ever Physical Blockchain-based Investment Bank

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    A collaboration between crypto exchange, Malayan Archipelago and IBH Capital will see the creation of the world’s first blockchain-based bank with a physical brick-and-mortar style branch.

    Malayan Archipelago is an international insurance firm that supports cryptocurrency investments and fiat conversions and IBH Capital is an investment and asset management company with a modern take on traditional banking. Howard Choo, MD of IBH Capital, which enjoys a global affiliation in excess of $1 billion, spoke of the fast-paced nature of today’s financial marketplaces:

    “But the more things change, the stronger our commitment in upholding our core approach – building value for our investors by staying true to our client-focused approach,” he said.

    The new bank will be based in the popular crypto hub of Labuan, Malaysia, and its blockchain activities will be managed by, a Singapore outfit that raised $32.5 million in its recent initial coin offering (ICO). touts itself as the world’s first “insured crypto exchange” and offers both crypto-to-fiat as well as fiat-to-fiat trading. CEO Anandh Swami states: “ is setting itself apart in the Distributed Ledger Technology field by providing five platforms rolled into one to offer a wide variety of services to its customers.”

    It is believed that will donate $100 million worth of its digital token, STO, to support the establishment of crypto services within the bank and develop a new, multifunctional digital wallet for customers.

    Labuan made the news earlier this year as one of the best places in Malaysia for the development of blockchain-based startups. It is a free trade zone that in the past year has become an increasingly popular spot for offshore investment opportunities.

    The developments show ongoing optimism in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at a time when the market is suffering from over 12 months of steadily decreasing value.

  • Oh wow, Malaysia is really stepping up its game in the blockchain industry.

  • Many financial-related setups are in Labuan. This is no different.

  • Hmm, an actual bank here in Malaysia.

  • Soon, there will be more.

  • Client-focused services. Something that people like in this generation.

  • The financial sector is really bringing out more and more results in terms of blockchain technology.

  • Labuan is such a popular spot for offshore and financial start-ups.






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