Vereign builds Blockchain-Based plugin for Email and Online Communications

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    Switzerland based Vereign AG, is a blockchain company that’s on a mission to make online communications more authentic and private. Their platform simply integrates with emails and other communication channels and is able to add verification processes, authenticity and privacy to a user’s identity and data.

    Vereign wants to improve the quality of exchange that both people and businesses receive from their online interactions and put an end to phishing, fraud, and spam all the while assuring senders that their messages reach their intended recipient with fail.

    Email along with instant messaging has become the most important and successful means of communication With 3.8 billion users worldwide. With email’s impact unquestionable, issues such as privacy and authentication were not taken into consideration at its initial phase, and developers now are finding it difficult to find a solution to cyber attacks with infected emails.

    Malware and scams are costing billions of dollars in damages with over 90% being initially caused by emails. Vereign with its decentralized privacy clouds and innovative key management allows a user to be way more secure with their information, thereby minimizing the impact of cyber threats.

    Vereign’s solution is to provide “Digital Passports” with a personalized dashboard where a user can safely store with digital data. Users will be able to manage multiple Passports with different data, verification systems, and permissions. Cryptographic signatures will be used to ensure only information the user wants to provide goes through, while also maintaining a self-updating address book of a users interactions.

    The service will initially start as a plugin for Gmail, Roundcube, and LibreOffice. With blockchain, users will be able to indefinitely log all past messages, interacting recipient identities, and times of delivery and receipt without the risk of information tampering.

    The beta version is available to early adopters with the sign-up process limited to few users. Georg Greve, Founder and President of Vereign says

    “I strongly believe in the viral power of what we do. Email is one of the most powerful tools given to us by the age of technology, and our mission is not to change it or provide an alternative, but to rather enhance it with the advanced solutions available today.”






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