Crypto Exchange to Offer Users Service in Local Languages

  • The crypto markets have been something of a rollercoaster ride recently, with the price of Bitcoin recently tumbling to its lowest level since October 2018.

    But despite the doom and gloom, enthusiasm and optimism about cryptocurrencies’ potential remain – so much so that one expert predicts Bitcoin will rally back to $15,000 by the end of the year.

    One thing that has stood in the way of crypto’s growth as a dominant worldwide force is how it has struggled to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers in certain countries.

    According to Biztranex, a crypto trading platform, this is the case in Vietnam – where it says the levels of innovation seen in blockchain technology are “unmatched with the real capacity of Vietnam’s market.”

    The company says Vietnam is an emerging market for Bitcoin in southeast Asia, and it plans to capitalize on this by offering an innovative exchange that provides first-class analytical tools and top-tier security, with a four-step KYC protocol protecting investors.

    Optimized for traders in Vietnam to meet market demand, Biztranex offers cutting-edge tools including ChartIQ, an advanced HTML5 charting system that delivers “ultimate control and quick comprehension” for traders looking to get a headstart in the market.

    Broadening crypto’s horizons
    As well as being an exchange with global ambitions, Biztranex says it wants to stand out from the crowd by tailoring its service to Vietnamese speakers – enabling them to access technical support and financial services in a language they understand. Underlining the platform’s ambitions to expand internationally, an array of other languages are also available – with Russian, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish and Korean among them.

    The company claims to offer “the most liquid order book in the world” – a place where Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS and other digital assets can be exchanged. Biztranex says it also values suggestions from its community and is prepared to list new assets if they gain a “considerable amount of support” from users.

    In addition to features that expert crypto users have come to expect from exchanges, such as cold storage and investment funds, the platform has created what it describes as a “social network for ICOs.” Here, each initial coin offering taking place on Biztranex is given its own profile which enables the community to receive direct updates and get in touch with startups if they have questions.

    The ecosystem is also geared towards helping inexperienced users become more accustomed to crypto trading by enabling them to “benefit from the expertise and knowledge base of experienced market practitioners.” For time-poor users who have a good understanding about cryptocurrency but lack the time to research the market, an Auto-Trade tool will enable them to automatically emulate top traders who are rated based on their past performance.

    Explaining its motivations in a blog post, the Biztranex team wrote: “The world needs a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange which is innovative, fast and easy to use and understand.”

    The company has a multiplatform mentality and wants its exchange to be available on every screen. In time, Biztranex says users will be able to download optimized versions of its software for Mac and Windows computers, as well as smartphones running iOS and Android.

    A plethora of use cases
    In addition to its exchange, Biztranex is creating a suite of complementary services – making it easier for consumers to spend their crypto and for merchants to accept it.

    One of them is B9Pay, a payment gateway which enables merchants to receive their funds in crypto and “spend directly where they earn.” This is going to be accompanied by the “highly secured, multicurrency” B9Wallet. Through the B9Shop, businesses will also be able to support crypto payments on their own websites.

    Biztranex launched in Vietnam back in August, and the platform says it has developed a business plan – coupled with investment in technology – to help the nation’s market thrive and cement its position as one of the leading lights of crypto on the international stage.

    Looking ahead, the team have set their sights on building a major brand – setting the objective of becoming one of the world’s top 10 crypto trading platforms within a year.

  • Sounds like a good idea to make an exchange with multiple languages.

  • Seeing that there are indeed people who do not speak or are fluent in English, a language users can understand would be so much better in helping them know what they are getting themselves into.

  • Did not realise Vietnam was such a big part of the market.

  • Also, Chinese is a good way to go. What with China market being on the rise these few years. Targeting the Chinese would be quite profitable.

  • @supermario People tend to see English as the most important language to know. They don't realise that other languages are used equally widely elsewhere.

  • @hola55 I agree. There is a social stigma against those who do not speak English. What these people do not know is English is not the only language in the world.

  • @supermario yeah. There are many bilinguists, trilinguists, multilinguists all over the world, but people just harp over English. But I guess it is difficult to learn another language especially if you've been stuck with just one your whole life.

  • @hola55 it is really difficult to learn a new language the older one gets. Passion is really important as a motivation factor.

  • With the world getting more advanced with cryptocurrency, it's good that more languages will be available so that it will be easier for those who are interested but couldn't get the chance before due to language barrier.

  • @supermario absolutely. Even being fluent in just one language doesn't mean you know all the words.

  • @hola55 Yes. You've got to really love learning languages to be able to see how much there is to learn.

  • @supermario If only learning languages were easy, huh.

  • @hola55 I know right. But looks like there's translation apps here and there. It's like we don't need to personally learn the languages any more.

  • That B9Pay is like a literal bank account, just used without the debit card.

  • @supermario Not untrue. The use of apps are becoming more widespread. It is very handy when people travel.

  • @hola55 Whether it is audio or visual, the apps do help.

  • @supermario they are indeed very helpful. Still, it doesn't hurt to learn a new language even if it's just the basics.

  • @hola55 Yeah. If one takes an interest, learning a language would be fun.

  • @supermario Absolutely. Instead of something boring, it becomes interesting.






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