The Government of Austria is Supporting Cancer Research Based on Blockchain

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    U.K based cancer research company operated with the help of blockchain in order to discover the disease. This research company has the support of Austria’s government in this matter. That way, the government is not only supporting the research company but also promotes the use of this new technology.

    The name of the research company is Lancor Scientific. This collaboration has the aim to identify multiple types of cancer and also save the records of screening results on the blockchain with the help of smart contracts. Also, there is a plan to build a research laboratory in the city named Graz.

    There will also be a lot of collaboration along the way. The company will team up with the Medical University of Graz, Technical University of Graz, and the Sigmund Freud University Vienna. They will collaborate on the matter of international research projects.

    Lancor Scientific’s aim is to pursue 90% of accuracy during the research and screening, and they are planning to achieve this goal with the help of blockchain technologies and smart contracts.

    Margarete Schramböck, the minister of foreign affairs of Austria also commented on this matter, stating:

    “Blockchain is definitely one of the new important technologies. In addition to Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition, it is one of the big issues we want to highlight in the coming period of the EU Presidency”

    As mentioned above, the government of Austria is fully supporting Lancor Scientific and because of that, they will be giving the research team grants during the time of this research which is 5 years. Researchers will be able to have high-class research equipment, access to academic expertise, and clinical trial management, all provided by the government of Austria.

    All of this shows that the government is open to new technologies like cryptocurrencies and blockchain. They had a lot of attempts to make public aware of this new technologies, one example of that is “cryptocurrency bank” in capital city Vienna.

  • Cancer is definitely a field that really need big strides to happen. The uncountable lives it has taken had caused so much misery to the ill and those around them.
    With higher data accuracy, we can all hope for good results hopefully in the near future.

  • Being able to identify the types of cancer and saving the screening result records would be a great help towards aiding patients.

  • @supermario I agree with your statements. Cancer patients have it so rough. It would be amazing for them to be able to carry on their lives without the illness.

  • Help in the cancer industry would be mighty push in the good direction.






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