India is building a high-tech sustainable city from scratch

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    Skyscrapers, high-rise apartments, neon signs and congested roads. These are a few things that might spring to mind when you think about a modern city.

    Many of the world’s major conurbations are organically grown sprawls – think of London, Tokyo, New York or Mexico City – and face challenges including air pollution, traffic jams, waste disposal and homelessness.

    So what if you could start from scratch and try to create utopia? And what if one of the world’s leading architects designed the centre?


    That’s happening in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where the local government has enlisted Norman Foster to help redesign the capital city for the province, Amaravati. Singapore-based urban consultants Surbana Jurong are also involved in the planning, which aims to create jobs and homes for all, a world-class infrastructure, a green city and efficient resource management.

    Foster’s team is designing the central focus of the 217-square-km city, including the Legislature Assembly and High Court Complex, and according to the architect, the design will incorporate “decades-long research into sustainable cities” as well as the latest technologies being developed in India.

    Large shaded walkways to encourage people to walk through the city, lots of green spaces, widespread use of solar energy and a transportation strategy that includes electric vehicles, water taxis, and dedicated cycle routes characterize the plans, which are set to be realized within 25 years.

    The plans could help illustrate how to address the challenges faced by other cities around the world and those discussed by the World Economic Forum Council on Cities and Urbanization.

    This will become more important as the planet becomes increasingly urban, with around 70% of the world’s population forecast to live in cities by 2050.

  • Sounds too positive. Only time will tell how sustainable this will be.

  • Can't wait to see it!

  • Sustainable city with lots of green-based technology sounds a bit too good to be true.

  • In India I see. How high tech is it going to be...

  • Utopia huh... Sounds absolutely far-fetched. But it could actually become possible.

  • @crazyfrog But it doesn't seem all that impossible though.

  • Sounds like a pretty plan. It would be great when it's completed.

  • @hola55 A skeptic, huh. But I do see your point.

  • 25 years to build a place that is 100% green. Many things can happen in 25 years.

  • It will be amazing when it happens.

  • @supermario Only time can tell.






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